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Chestnuts at Wollaton Hall

Although this place can often get busy in the school holidays, by arriving early you are not only treated to a glorious sunrise on the lake, you also get the place almost to yourself!

I caught glimpses of the magnificent deer, but headed out of there way. Its rutting season and best to leave them to it and just admire them from a good distance.

For many a year there has been a tradition of gathering sweet chestnuts here, one I was happy to join in today! Head to the wooded areas and you will be met with a carpet of prickly shells. At this time of year, a gentle breeze is enough to knock them down and you can stand and wait for the freshest ones to fall, a gentle roll of your shoe is enough to release the delicious brown nut inside!

As the morning wore on, the occasional smiling walker passed, some with bags and baskets doing exactly the same as me. Its always nice to see a fellow Forager out and about and so rarely it happens!

Of course this site is also famous for its fungi! However my foraging companion (who is getting on in years! 🐶) was telling me she'd had enough... So a few quick photos 📸 and we were on our way.

For me, foraging isn't about filling your basket with every available food every time you are out. It's about engaging with the land around you, understanding how it's all linked together, and enjoying the fruits of your study! Only taking what you need, when you know you can use it!

I've attached a sweet chestnut guide for anyone that fancies picking themselves. Easy to identify, delicious roasted they also make a great stuffing! 😋

If you decide to do it at Wollaton Park just remember...

Some of the areas are off limits, ensure you stick to the public areas.

Watch out for the deers!

Remember there are chestnuts all over the site, so you can really spread out! 😊

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